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How we're Different

We treat each property Differently and Specially.

It's time your property took on a Personality...

See How.

Each Listing gets a Dedicated SmarterApp

When a prospect clicks the link they go to Your Property, NO OTHERS.
One App per Listing
Exclusive SmarterApp

When someone clicks on your listing, YOURS is All they See.

Prospects Tour just like they were There

National Surveys from N.A.R. and Real Estate Information Systems.

Exclusive Proximity Marketing

We are taking this system to Small Businesses in FIVE states, but in Real Estate, it's exclusive to UtahR.

Cross Platform
iThing, AndroidThing, PC Thing, ANYthing

System works on Any Connected device, anytime, anywhere.

Even our Signs are Different

We Market YOUR PROPERTY, not our Agency.

Their Signs

What are they Advertising?

Typically buyers must jump through hoops and wade through the other listings before they can arrive at your property, and that's even IF their system allows mobile engagement.
You need to ask yourself, What are they really advertising?

Our Signs

We Advertise YOUR Property.

Different signs for Different Properties.
The Link goes DIRECTLY to your property, no other listings.
After all, are you even remotely interested in those other listings?

Advanced Technology

Making it EASY for the Buyer.

We don't do "Text --- for information" or "Call --- for a recording."
That's 90's technology and today's buyers are beyond that.
They want informaiton to their Mobile Device on a platform that Works, Works NOW, is Complete, and
without wading through tons of other listings.

More Technology

We pull out ALL the stops.

Exclusive Meeting Room

Video Conferencing and Presentations

We meet with Buyers, Sellers, even Different Corporate Officers anywhere in the world with our Live Conferencing System.
This is useful in the commercial arena where input comes from different locations, often out of state.
We can even present properties to out-of-towners.

The Goal

Whatever It Takes

We have other systems that can come into play but the bottom line, We WILL Sell your Property.

Short List for Out-of-Towners

Custom System as Needed

Many times out of town buyers need some help PRIOR to arriving, especially in the case of Military Families. We can meet with them Virtually, uncover their needs, even take them through properties Virtually, and arrive at their short list that is published to Their Personal SweetestHomes package. Now the different parties can review the details together or separately, even if they are in different countries.

We Are Hill Partners

Special Discounts
Working Together

We understand many times a Military family needs to move quickly. Therefore we pull out the stops and offer special discounts to see the process through Quickly and Successfully.

Retina ready
High resolution screens friendly

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24 Meeting
Suits well all devices and screen sizes

Bringing folks together from Across the Globe to get it done

Sharp solutions
Elaborated code and trendy design

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